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Barnsia is a local historical play and learning environment for children between 0-6 years at Skellefteå museum.

Barnsia invites you to play and lets the child explore the conditions that existed for the people of that time living in our region. Animal husbandry, agriculture and the vital extraction of natural resources - the wood and the mines. Through playing, the child's curiosity is awakened. Barnsia gives children an entrance to culture and the local historical perspective.

Skellefteå Museum's vision is to create a place where the youngest children can absorb the cultural heritage with all their senses and where people can socialize, play and learn across the boundaries of generations.

The name Barnsia is based on dialect (Bonnska) and in this context means "children's side" or "children's area".

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Ernst Westerlunds Alle
93132 Skellefteå
Phone: 46-0910735000