Museum Anna Nordlander

Part of: Skellefteå museum

The upcoming exhibition opens in Sara Kulturhus in June 2023.
The educational work is ongoing, current information can be found on our website - Feel free to follow us on social media to what's happening at the moment!

MAN, Museum Anna Nordlander aims to provoke, engage and make art visible in society. The activity is based on the audience's participation, where co-creation is an important part. MAN wants to challenge the image of what an art museum can be, and asks questions about our society, now and in the future.

MAN is named after the artist Anna Nordlander (1843–1879) who was born in Skellefteå and was one of the first women to study at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm.

MAN is an independent department at Skellefteå Museum AB and has the task of spreading knowledge about contemporary art and gender issues to a broad public.

MAN works norm-creatively with gender and identity issues, which we raise through contemporary art. MAN works with exhibitions, pedagogy and development of the conditions of contemporary art in the Västerbotten region.

Contact information

Kanalgatan 43b
931 31 Skellefteå
Phone: 46-0910735500

Website: https://www.museumannanordl...

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Museum Anna Nordlander is free of charge.

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