It's evening and the northern lights are dancing in the sky above the Wilderness camp. Several snowmobiles are parked right next to the camp.
Moments that count Gold of Lapland Moments that count
The picture is taken from a dog sled. The winter landscape is beautiful and the sleddogs are running toward the sunset.
Our part of Lapland Gold of Lapland Vår del av Lappland
A father is embracing his children, standing on a snowmobile trail in the forest
Wildlife of Västerbotten Gold of Lapland Wildlife
Hotel Källan is photographed from above where the forest and the winter views are colored by the sunset.
Get a taste of Västerbotten Gold of Lapland The taste of Västerbotten

Welcome to Lapland in Västerbotten

From the magnificent mountains in Ammarnäs, through the forest landscapes along the rivers of Skellefteälven, Umeälven and the National river Vindelälven, to Skellefteå by the coast, you will find the golden pebbles that is Gold of Lapland.

Activities and places that can brighten your day, people and personalities that will warm your soul.

Easy, Personal, Unforgettable

Gold of Lapland is about people, meetings and appreciating the golden linings of everyday life. Feel free to take the time to botanize among our stories from the destination!

Gold of Lapland strives to constantly work for sustainable development in our destination!

We do that by working with, and constantly revising our sustainability policy. We have been analysed by the regionally used sustainability tool GSTC (Global Sustainability Tourism Council) and are working with our plan of action.


We are Gold of Lapland

Together, we want your experience to be as nice, fast-paced, calm or memorable as possible! On the map below you will find the gold nuggets that make up Gold of Lapland!