The taste of Västerbotten

Long and bright summer nights, fields filled with crops, vast forests, many lakes, rivers and the ocean makes Västerbotten a pot of gold when talking about natural resources - the pantry of nature. Within Gold of Lapland you find several places that serves fantastic food and beverages!


"By now im am so impressed by their culinary craft that i would be willing to eat a fried snowmobile boot, if they claimed it to be a Northern delicacy."

Thos are the words of food journalist Jenny Nilsson from after her visit at Wild River restaurant that attained a place in the White Guide.

The Local produce are in majority on the menues and gives you a taste of Västerbotten. Moose, reindeer, grouse, trout and char, almond potatoes and local flatbread are some of the local delicacies that more than happily are seasoned with the gold of the mires, the cloudberries, or the famous Västerbotten cheese.  

The experiences of taste are infinite, regardless if you are cooking your own food over the open fire or if you are visiting our amazing restaurants! Enjoy your meal!