Mervärde (added value)

Gold of Lapland works to invest in the area through the financing model Mervärde (Added value). Money is collected to reinvest in the area, money that will fund things that many residents and visitors wants, things that no one owns the responsability for today. 

Gold of Lapland is passionate about development and through projects and other investments we try to create conditions for increased attractivity. Added value is a concept we work with in Norsjöbygden, Malåbygden and Lyckselebygden to create a pot of money for development efforts that increase the places' attractiveness and that benefit as many as possible, residents as well as you as visitors.

The value-added model is based on the motto of many small contributions where you as a guest can pay an extra penny for a meal, an experience, an overnight stay or the like. Once a year or more, Gold of Lapland, together with the entrepreneurs and the community will decide what we will