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Wild Lapland is a eko certified company that gives you an experience from our life. Because thats how we want it! Come as a guest and leave as a friend. We build our tours around our area and the place that we call home. I love dogs and together we work to give you an experience that will stay with you for a long time.

We run tours with sleddogs all year around. Winter is of course our highseason and this is how it should be! Snow, frosen lakes and rivers, cold, quiet, we can travel fast over large areas seemingly effortless since our furry friends do most of the job! And i assure you. They love it! 

Spring for us is when the sun returns and starts shining upon us. March and April are fantastic months where we can let the dogs run almost everywhere. 

End of april we see the change in season and summer is knocking on the door. Warmer weather gives us the chance to go on nighttours and the light almost doesent leave us at all. 

In middle of May we start to run with carts instead and go for nightruns up to the river. We start to prepare our kayaks and canoes and as soon as the spring flooding has culminated we get on with paddling aswell. 

Seakayaks on the free flowing Vindelriver, Steady fishing kayaks or canoes on the small creek or lakes in the forests. 

We also do guiding in pike and pearchfishing and that is from our fishingkayaks. You bring the fishinggear and i take you to the fish! 

When july comes it gets to warm for sleddogs to run so ow it is a month where we just run free instead. But when August comes and the nights are a bit darker we start all over again. Now we run nighttime and we still focus on the incredible lights but now the show is mostly green instead. With the dark night sky it is again possible to see the Aurora Borealis and it is just as spectacular in September as in Februari! Just less cold!! 

In the autumn we have a fantastic season with mushroom and berrypicking. We also go in overnighttours with our carts and spend the night in a tent or just in the sleepingbag under the stars next to the dogs.

And eventually the snow starts to fall again!! 

You are welcome to spend some of your life with us!

Morgan and all the huskies.

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Contact: Morgan
Phone: +46-702305392
Mobile: +46-739140472
Booking: +46-739140472


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We welcome everyone. If you have special needs we probably can arrange a tour just the same as always. Just ask and we talk about it. Wheelchair, blind, young and crippled, old and fit? You are welcome! 

If you go on a dogtour we want you to dress accordingly, in winter we have overalls and proper winterboots for you but they are just that little extra so you will need proper winterclothes underneath. Off snow it is likely that you get dirty, the dogs love people and doesent care if you have a suit or pyjamas, they will jump up and try to kiss you. Hence muddy footprints on your chest... And huskies tend to shed some fur in the offsnow season! 

We hardly ever cancel a tour because of weather. The biggest issue we have is the heat in the summer but all the other weather like rain, snow, cold or wind we manage. Sometimes we change the route and sometimes i make descisions that i feel is the best for the group and that is my descision only. 

Payment is done when booking. All the terms and conditions are specified in the booking form on the webpage. 

No tour of ours are on the extreme fitness level. If you are in moderate condition you will be alright. But what we call moderate might be different to normal... Just my normal working boots in wintertime weighs in at 1500g/piece. 

I have this saying, we are "mindfullness in motion" We do things all the time but for me it is impportant to loose myself in the present. This is what we do now! Focus! On our tours we are suppose to have time to enjoy, to feel and to be present. 


Easiest way to get to us is type in Wild Lapland on google maps.
We live 36km from Lycksele,
Go north from Lycksele at road 365, (past Ansia Camping).
Drive 28km until you come to our roadsign "Wild Lapland Natureguiding"
Take the left turn off the highway and drive through the little village Ruskträsk, pass over the little bridge and then you se our next sign, "Wild lapland 5km"
Take the left turn and drive until you arrive, our place is on the left.


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