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Open Lappland

Opened until 18:00

Come and discover Swedish Lapland and its wild immensities during an unforgettable dogsled ride through wonderful landscapes, marshes, forests and lakes.

Then share with us a coffee or a meal in the cottage.

We offer activities ranging from half a day to several days.
Accessible to everyone.

Contact information

Brannforsliden 9
92275 Åmsele
Phone: +46-702668554


Opening hours

  1. Today09:00-18:00
  2. Thursday09:00-18:00
  3. Friday09:00-18:00
  4. Saturday09:00-18:00
  5. Sunday09:00-18:00
  6. Monday09:00-18:00
  7. Tuesday09:00-18:00

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