Travel to us

There are many ways to get to us. Communications such as trains, buses, planes and ferries arrive daily to our area in several locations. Here is a little more information, otherwise we refer to websites with booking information.

If you arrive to Gold of Lapland from another destination in Sweden, and you are not travelling by car, you can plan your trip with the travel planner. 

Take the ferry

Aurora Botnia is the world's first passenger and car ferry with DNV GL's class listing Clean Design. It is operated on natural gas, biogas and can also use electric power. From Vaasa in Finland you go with Wasaline to Umeå and the trip takes only four hours across the Kvarken Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Umeå you travel further by car, taxi, bus or train.

Take the train to Lapland

It is easy and convenient to travel by train to Gold of Lapland, there are several disembarkation points within the destination. From Gothenburg and Stockholm you can take the Vy night train to Luleå, with disembarkation points such as Jörn, Bastuträsk and more, or the Bothnia Line between Stockholm and Umeå, with connections to Lycksele, Jörn, Bastuträsk etc. SJ is also an option. In summer you can reach the destination with the Inlandsbanan which stretches from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north, here Sorsele and Arvidsjaur are well suited for disembarkation.

The connections that exist for further travel are the responsibility of county traffic. Check with the county traffic if there is a bus connection at the station you want to get off at. From Bastuträsk train station, it is possible to book a ring car, a service that needs to be booked no later than one day before the planned trip. More information about ring car is below.

Take the bus

Many bus lines are available to Gold of Lapland and most lines can be found via Länstrafiken's website. You can also take a bus all the way from Stockholm to Umeå with Y-Buss and then continue to Gold of Lapland with Länstrafiken's lines.

Call a car

Within Gold of Lapland it is possible to travel by a Ringbil (call car). A Ringbil runs similar to a bus according to set routes and time tables. The difference is that you have to call and book it a day ahead the planned journey. More information about times and routes are found here (Swedish only).

Fly to us

Within the destination we have three airports to offer, they are located in Lycksele, Arvidsjaur and Skellefteå. Please don´t hesitate to ask either Enter Lapland or FlyCar to help you with your booking. 

Lycksele airport
På Lycksele Flygplats kan du landa direkt i Lappland med flyg som tar dig till och från Arlanda 7 dagar i veckan. Boka din resa genom Amapola.

Arvidsjaurs airport
På Arvidsjaurs Flygplats kan du landa direkt i Lappland med flyg som tar dig till och från Arlanda 7 dagar i veckan.
Under vinterhalvåret kan man även flyga med charter från Tyskland direkt till Arvidsjaur, med Fly Car.

Skellefteå Flygplats
Till Skellefteå kan man flyga med SAS från Arlanda.

Närliggande flygplatser
Det finns även möjlighet att nå Gold of Lapland via flygplatsen i Umeå, dit man flyga med både SAS och Norwegian från Arlanda, men även med BRA från Bromma.