Our sustainability policy

Gold of Lapland strives to constantly work for sustainable development in our destination! We do this, among other things, by working with, and continously updating, our sustainability policy. We have been analyzed checklist that the county works with, GSTC (Global Sustainability Tourism Council) and that we work with the action plan.

Gold of Lapland want to contribute to future generations' opportunities to live a good and meaningful life. In addition, we believe that sustainability is necessary for the development of a successful hospitality industry. Our sustainability work is based on the premise that social sustainability is the goal, the economy is the means and the environment sets the framework. We strive to become increasingly sustainable in our own business and also support our members in the work for a more sustainable hospitality industry. Gold of Lapland's sustainability work is based on these points:

  • Employees who thrive at work are important. We must offer a workplace that is characterized by gender equality, diversity and respect for the individual employee. We have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment and think that everyone is equally important and valuable, regardless of sexual orientation, skin color, gender, disability or religion.

  • In our operations, the interests and culture of the indigenous and local population are taken into account. We want to contribute to our visitors and guests taking part in our local community and the cultural and natural heritage and that it is done with regard and respect to local people and nature.

  • It is also important to contribute to local economic development so that the local community remains, among other things by encouraging visitors to buy quality products from local entrepreneurs and by constantly supporting our member companies in the best way. We are sensitive to our members' expectations and take responsibility for the association's activities to ensure a financially stable long-term development.

  • Environmental and climate issues are also important for our business. We have a fantastic natural heritage in our geographical area that we must protect and therefore we constantly strive to become more environmentally friendly. Every year we go through our internal environmental plan to see if we follow it and agree if we need to do more. All employees are involved and important in our environmental work.

Transparency is important - that is why both the environmental plan and sustainability policy are communicated in our offices and on the website.