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Gold of Lapland is located in the Swedish part of Lapland. Bursting with a wide range of sights and activities, we guarantee your visit will be filled with unique discoveries leading you to find your very own favourite place. Let us help you plan your travel itinerary to ensure that when you leave the region, you will take with you a wealth of memories that will last for ever.

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There are many different types of accommodation within the Gold of Lapland region. Choose from hostels, bed & breakfast and hotels, some of which offer a very high standard of accommodation and include spa treatment centres. You can also get right out into the countryside by staying at one the many wonderful camping sites. Book directly on the web.

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Gold of Lapland covers a large area incorporating the municipalities of Skellefteå, Malå, Norsjö, Lycksele, Sorsele and Robertsfors. Within this region area is a large number of hotels offering accommodation and services to suit families and business travellers. Gold of Lapland has a hotel for you.

Year-round cabin accommodation

Throughout the beautiful Gold of Lapland countryside are cabins which are perfect either for just summer use or can be rented throughout the year. Take the opportunity to book a cabin on the website to guarantee your place.


Discover a very special part of Sweden with family- and price-friendly experiences. Welcome to Gold of Lapland where you can create your own golden family memories by discovering our golden nuggets!

Bring the family to an all-inclusive fishing experience, to visit a husky-ranch or to try dog sledging without snow. There are many possibilities to a family friendly accommodation with close access to the nature.


The wilderness is on your doorstep wherever you to go. Gold of Lapland has so many adventures to choose from that there is something here for everyone. From business parties to friends or family groups and gatherings. Enjoy our beautiful wilderness and activities - both in and outdoors!



Adventures and northern wilderness in an relaxing enviroment, that is the general concept that flows through Svansele wilderness center. The visitor can experience a uniqe exhibition of wild animals, eat a delicious buffé, spend the night at the camp and go on a moose safari.


There are many museums within the Gold of Lapland region, all containing interesting exhibitions themes. Learn about the areas forestry and industrial history, mines and minerals, cheese and cinemas, or visit detailed studies of life in the ‘40s.

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